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While an awakening can seem like a crazy and out of control experience, Kundalini is an intelligent and organic process that has a purpose and works with that purpose systematically. The purpose is to work through all the illusions and knots in the psyche and re-orientate the awakened person's life into truth.

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Saturday, March 23, 2019, 1:00pm - 2:30Pm


With Dass Shanti Kaur

Dass Shanti Kaur was drawn to a spiritual path at a young age finding inspiration through yoga and meditation, and becoming more deeply inspired with Kundalini Yoga. Filled with the desire to serve others she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Welfare, but it was through Kundalini Yoga that service became an integral part of her life. She performed Karma Yoga to the Miami community for two years by serving the guests of the studio, being an apprentice to the founder-director, and organizing and leading the Aquarian Sadhana, a 2.5 hour daily spiritual yoga practice that begins at 4AM that was held at both Kundalini Life Miami and Sacred Space Miami. 

Dass Shanti is certified in Kundalini Yoga and Integral yoga having studied the latter in India, and is a practitioner of Kemetic Yoga. She also completed Phase I with the Gong Avatar Academy, a 13-month gong training program, and is studying to become a nationally accredited board certified Psychosynthesis Spiritual Counselor.

Dass Shanti continues to explore the depths of her Self and yoga through study, sadhana, and self-reflection as well as traveling to places of great spiritual significance. She has not only experienced healing and transformation but also learned that healing is a life long journey. She aspires to continue not only in elevating her own consciousness but also to help elevate others into a deep and authentic state of self-love and higher consciousness through Yoga, Meditation, and the Gong. 

Kundalini Benefits

1. Inner Guidance

Kundalini Yoga develops the power of the intuitive mind. Your intuition is the voice of your own inner GPS. Every person has inner guidance available to them and can choose to listen and live with its support. When you clean out the subconscious mind and learn to listen through deep meditation, when your thoughts and feelings resonate with the soul, you can sense the guidance of intuition that is always present.

As you develop your internal guidance system, you can use it as a touchstone when faced with the decisions, questions, and choices life brings you.

2. Protection from Negativity

Kundalini Yoga practice fortifies and expands your electromagnetic field, or aura—the energy field that surrounds you, and that alerts you to positive and negative influences in your environment. A weak aura can let in negative influences, and even attract them. A big, strong, bright aura can protect you from negativity and keep you centered in the light of your true identity.

3. Deep Relaxation that Heals

Kundalini Yoga works to strengthen and balance the nervous system. When your nervous system is weak, you are susceptible to unhealthy reactions to stress. During a Kundalini Yoga kriya and the deep relaxation that follows it, all the nerve endings in the body are given a tune-up. You experience a deep rejuvenating state of total relaxation where healing can take place. Regular practice gives you extra stamina and resilience in the face of everyday stress.